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Once you take a bite of our pineapple, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a beach in Hawaii.. Grown on the North Shore of Hawaii, the tropical gold variety of pineapple are extra sweet and very low in acidity. They soak up the Hawaiian sun and at it's peak of ripeness, we pick it for you! Straight from the ground, right to your door.


Like the days of old, you can take fresh Hawaiian pineapple back home with you. Pineapple Guy is the best way to export it from the islands. You may have heard that airlines restrict shipping, but we made a few calls and made it work for you. We arranged to have the luggage fees waived through most domestic airlines for our agriculturally pre-inspected fruit! The gift of aloha will please all of your ohana and will bring you joy when you remember your Hawaii trip.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my fruit arrive?

Your pineapple or papaya will be scheduled to arrive 2 days after shipment date. We ship Monday-Wednesday. Orders must be received by 8:00am (HST) in order to ship out the following day. Delivery time depends on your local delivery time through FedEx.


What do I do with my fruit when it arrives?

Eat it! Our fruit is picked half ripe so that when it arrives, most should be ready to eat. If you think it needs a couple more days, go ahead and leave it on the counter. If you want to make it last, stick it in the fridge and it will stay fresh for about 1 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks. 

How do I cut a pineapple?

See our step by step process. Click on the large picture below for the written instruction. Tip: Twist the top off the day before consumption and flip the pineapple upside down. This will let the juices flow and spread throughout the juicy piece of fruit.

Step 1: Twist the crown off
Plant the crown!
Step 3: Slice the edges
Step 4: Slice the pokeys
Step 5: Slice it up!
Optional: Middle of the Pineapple
Step 6: Cube and Enjoy!


Office Hours: M-T 9-4 and F 9-3

Phone (808) 531-5050

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