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Experience the sweet and juicy taste of Hawaii with our 10lb fresh Solo Papaya from the Big Island of Hawaii. Grown in the rich volcanic soil and abundant sunlight, our papayas are bursting with tropical flavor. Each papaya is hand-picked at peak ripeness to ensure maximum flavor and juiciness.


By placing your order by 8:00am Hawaii time, you can enjoy 2 day shipping via Fedex, ensuring that your pineapple arrives fresh and ready to enjoy. Please note that shipment dates are limited to Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so be sure to check our current holiday schedule to avoid any shipment date restrictions.


Indulge in the taste of the islands with our 10lb Papaya and savor the flavors of Hawaii wherever you may be!


Size - 8-10 Papayas

Papaya 10lb

SKU: papaya10
  • Papayas will be ready to eat when they have a slight give to them when you squeeze it. Not all will turn yellow when ripe. You can stick them in the fridge to make them last as well.Maybe even save the seeds and make a yummy healthy smoothie!

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