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All your neighbors will be jealous when they see a case of fresh Hawaiian pineapple being delivered by the UPS driver. Make sure you hide them quick! 


This case carries 6 pineapples and is approximately 30 pounds total. Our pineapples are picked fresh daily and sent out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (scheduled to arrive 2 days after shipment date). Straight from Dole, the tropical gold variety is the sweetest, juiciest pineapple grown in Hawaii and contains a low amount of acid - so it won't give you that burn on your tongue!


Perfect for a party or just enjoying to yourself. Stick them in the fridge to make them last a little longer, or cut them up and freeze them!


Pineapple 30lb

SKU: 201730
  • When you receive your pineapples, store them at room temperature or in a cool shady spot. Our pineapples are picked half ripe which means by the time they get to you, some might be ready to eat or some might need a couple extra days. They are completely ripe and ready when you pull a leaf out of the middle of the crown and it comes out clean. If out on the counter, they will last for about a week. But store them in the fridge, and this will extend to about 2 weeks. You bought these for yourself and can't finish them in a week? Cut them up and stick them in the freezer.. then you can defrost them and consume... Or stick them in the blender with juice or maybe some "adult beverage" and ENJOY!


    Check out our video showing how to cut a pineapple and even replant it so you can have your own fresh Hawaiian pineapple at home - located on our home page.

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